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Jennifer Scarbrough    -   Owner/Stylist

I have been in the amazing beauty industry for 15 years.  I opened JLS Hair Studio 7 years ago, and I always look forward to coming through these doors and seeing the girls everyday and all the great clients we have here. I believe that a business should make people feel welcome and appreciated. Making you feel better about yourself starts with a smile as you walk through our doors and ends with your great look when you leave. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Karen    -   Stylist

They say if you love your job you never work a day in your life...that statement is true for me, I love my job. It's amazing that I can make someone feel so confident and beautiful by just creating a unique look for them. My clients mean so much to me and I feel like it is the same for them. Just a simple referral that I get from my clients is the biggest compliment because it shows how comfortable and pleased they are with me and their service. My clientele is growing everyday, your welcome to join in!

Jen    -    Stylist

Many years of training and education from various beauty sources and educators have molded me into the stylist that I am today. I love all fields of my occupation from cutting to coloring and styling. It's a great feeling to see that you've done something to make someone smile. I am passionate about my profession, and in the end it shows through my finished work.

Ashley    -    Stylist

I love to create and design new looks through cutting and coloring. Training and education inspire me to come back to the salon and recreate exciting new looks for my clients. I enjoy everyone from the stay at home mom and children to the hectic business man. Book your appointment today!

Amy  -  Sarah  -  Amanda   -   Receptionist's